Low temp this AM - to chart or not to chart?


So I'm new to charting my BBT and get really self conscious that it's wrong when it's not close to the same temps as the others 😂 So anyway, I normally temp at 7 AM, but this morning I woke up at 5 (not on purpose) so I temped and got 96.54 which is my lowest temp all cycle. I then reawoke at 8:30 and it was 97.7 which is higher than all my other temps. Did I really just screw it up because neither temps were at 7? And when someone else is in this situation where they aren't able to temp at the same time, do I chart the number anyway or is it more accurate to just skip a day? Here is a pic of my other temps so far. I know it says I'm close to my fertile window so you might be inclined to say ovulation, but I have a 35 day cycle and according to 2 other apps glows is a lot earlier so I don't think that's what the low temp at 5 AM was from.

Any thoughts? Is it better to just skip today's temp for accuracy? I'm wondering if something similar happened on the 10th and I'm just more aware and concerned now as I approach my FW.