Anybody with just one ovary? #oneovaryteam


Yesterday was one of the most difficult days. Woke up to a sharp pain on my right side of my abdomen, after a couple hours of it not going away I woke my boyfriend up needing to go to the ER. I figured I had appendicitis(I used Google to self diagnose) but once there they ran all their necessary blood tests/CT scan. Turns out I had a benign tumor (which can be taken out with surgery) on my right ovary that had grown so large, they would have to remove my entire ovary. The news crushed me many questions flew through my mind but I couldn't stop crying. Aaron(my SO) was there to hold me and say we would be ok. I am now out of surgery and thankfully without pain. It's still weird that I now only have one ovary but am thankful that it was only benign and is no longer causing me pain. I just wanted to know how many women out there have just one ovary and did it affect your life or how you could get pregnant? My doctor told me that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant again and I wish to give my baby girl a sibling in the future...any info/support would help❤️ #ovaryprobs #oneovaryteam