Finally Told My Daughters That Their Gonna Be Big Sisters!!


Feel so relieved now that my 3 Girls know that they all 3 will be big sisters in a few short months!! My oldest daughter which is 7 1/2 going on 30 was a little disappointed because my nephew knew before her! Which I didn't tell him he over heard my mom telling a few people!! But now she is ok with it!! She's excited and was telling me this morning that we can buy lots of baby clothes and diapers and bottles and beds you know the whole nine yards! My 6 Year Old is super excited!! She practically guessed it without me just coming out and saying it!! She is super pumped about the whole thing!! & my 4 1/2 year old is super ready to just see her little brother! (We're having a Boy) I say something about a new baby doll and she saids moma I just want my baby brother! When's he gonna be here! Lol I'm definitely gonna have my hands full and have plenty of help! My Girls love babies!! Due 12/5/17!! So Excited and ready!!