Would you be offended by this?


This conversation is between my Fiancé and his best man / cousin.

They play Xbox together and when I met my fiancé his cousin was his best friend.

My issue with this whole thing is his cousin and his cousins friends who he plays Xbox with all talk down to him and talk down to me. More so than like regular video game BS. They act like I control my fiancé and I don't.

They act like I sit there and guilt trip him into spending time with just me when in reality our exchanges go like this...

Me - "Are you going to play Xbox tonight?"

Him - "No I don't feel like it I just wanna watch Friends with you" or like his reasoning last night "No Josh is just getting really annoying and I don't know if I can handle him all night."

The other night he got online and at one point one of them said, "Hey are you gonna tell him that joke about fucking a fat chick or whatever?" Which I immediately took offense to because I'm a bigger girl and I don't appreciate comments like that. His cousin will tag him in videos and pictures on Facebook of chubby girls twerking or just like memes about "fat girls". And my fiancé doesn't respond to the tags but like I see them and it hurts my feelings.

One of the guys called me a whore the other night.

I don't know... I don't know what to do. I've talked to my fiancé about it but he's like I don't know what to do or how to help. Because the second he stands up for me is the second they're gonna give him shit for it.