Early pregnancy symptoms?

This is probably silly to ask because we all know most of the signs. Since I have never been pregnant some things are throwing me off though. I had my period from the 22-26 of last month. I was suppose to ovulate the 8th of this month. Me and my partner have sex just about every day. For the past 4-5 days I've been having brown discharge? At first it was pinky brown. Now it's just brown. Sometimes it's on my underwear and sometimes I can only see it when wiping. I've had weird pelvic pain. Nothing crazy. No cramps like a period. Sometimes I lay here and get VERY naseous randomly. I've lost my appetite. I've had head aches frequently which isn't like me. My face is starting to break out rather bad and I pee like a horse. Not to mention I am exhausted to the point I was just leaning on the counter at work yesterday and nodded off for a minute. My nipples have been itchy but not sore or anything. I'm not due for my period to the 22-23 from what glow says. Did anyone else experience this kind of thing?