Age gap

So I'm going to be 17 in a two weeks and my boyfriend just turned 20 and I usually don't care about the age difference and don't get why it's a big deal considering we're just barely 3 years apart. However, lately it seems like it does matter. At my age I'm still exploring my own body sexually and I'm still a virgin because I want to wait. My boyfriend respects that but he isn't a virgin so I know he wants sex. Anyway my point is we do other sexual things but we haven't in a while so I told him that we should ease back into it instead of jumping back into it like we never stopped. To me it's like learning to ride a bike. If you learn a few times but then don't ride for months you shouldn't immediately go mountain biking you know? Anyway he was upset about this and I'm thinking that this might be a reason why age really does matter he has lots of things figured out that I just don't. Not really looking for advice just ranting I guess. Maybe people with similar issues can relate.

Update: I just want to make sure people know that he isn't pressuring me to do anything he was mad that I was taking steps back sexually when he thought we were making progress.