Please put the child safety locks on in your cars

Jordan • Faithful and dedicated as God intended. Him and our baby are my life and reason to keep going.

Last week a 2 year old was killed. Word travels fast in my town. It was especially fast since they lived right down the road. This baby was put in his car seat and on the way somewhere with grandma. While in moving traffic he was able to undo his safety straps and open the car door. He fell out and died. Everytime I think of it I imagine that babys smiling face as he got up that morning and was fed breakfast, brushed his teeth, and dressed for the day. I think of how no one could have possibly imagined that baby would open his eyes or take his last breath that day for the very last time. So please, for the love of god, put your child safety locks on. I have mine on. Lock the back windows too. Too many babies die from health issues already. Let's prevent tragic accidents as much as we can. Also please make sure your child is strapped in correctly.