Hot tub slip-up. ADVICE? 😬


I was on vacation in Florida a couple weeks ago and met a really cute, sweet local guy while I was there. On the last night I was there we were hanging out at the resort pool and things got a bit steamy in the hot tub while not a lot of people were around.

For the record, I'm not one to have unprotected sex usually. I'm not on birth control and never have been for a variety of reasons, so I'm 100% a huge advocate for effective condom usage any time I have p-in-v sex. This time we obviously didn't use one.

I wasn't extremely concerned, I figured I'd ride him for about a minute or so, stopping before getting remotely close to "dangerous territory" but we got really swept up in the moment. Started whispering about things we liked and got on the topic of buttstuff. I was talking dirty and mentioned how one of the reasons I liked anal was that he could cum inside me. Somehow he misunderstood me and thought I was giving him the okay to do so right then.

Following that I tried to maintain composure and not freak out on him, I'm pretty good at staying calm and not panicking over stuff. I jumped off and we stayed in the hot tub for a good 10 minutes longer. I went back up to my room after and did the best I could to gently do a "finger-sweep" of my vagina. Then I made sure to check my <a href="">period tracker</a>.

My cycle is usually extremely regular. Down to almost the exact day and time a lot of the time. I noticed based on <a href="">Eve</a> that my projected fertility window would have ended 2-3 days prior to this incident, and that the approximate day I ovulated would've been around 5 days before. That calmed me down a bit, but I know that's no guarantee.

I'm not about 4 days late for my period which is fairly uncommon for me, and it's getting me a bit scared. I haven't noticed any telling signs of early pregnancy yet. No nausea, no constipation, no tender breasts. I'm usually very in tune with my body and I don't feel really even a subtle difference to normal. My gut feeling is that I'm fine but my brain can't help but still worry about a possible unwanted pregnancy. I plan to give it a couple more days and then take a test.

Does anyone have any helpful advice for dealing with pregnancy scares? How do I keep my mind off it until it's time to test? How likely do you think it is that I'm pregnant?

**UPDATE** I just got my period about a week late after testing negative, although the tests I found were almost expired so I was still scared and planned to grab new ones the next time I was out. I've had a lot of stress from other stuff lately and recently got on a new medication so I chalk it up to that. Thanks to everyone who responded. Obviously I knew that there was a solid chance of pregnancy occurring, as well as the risks associated with STDs. Thanks for the concern, everyone slips up from time to time. Live and learn