So here's the 411

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So...I kinda have a feeling I might be pregnant I am on BC but iv seriously had a few symptoms.. I seriously pee all the time I got sick smelling hamburger helper the other night in out of breath just sitting here typing this.. we had our first baby 5 months ago which my husband says he wasn't involed in doing he said he wasn't trying to have a baby only I was "apparently" I had talked to him about wanting to have a baby and he didn't agree or disagree he just went with it. I guess he figured I wouldn't ever end up pregnant. well I had said something to him about wanting another one not any time soon like maybe when our son is 2 and he said we need to wait till he's 5. well I'm scared that I am pregnant and if I am I'm scared he's gonna try to leave me or want nothing to do with me while pregnant.. So I'm caught between a rock and a hard place cause I haven't been trying to get pregnant.. so I need advice!😣😣 P.S I mentioned I felt strange yesterday like I felt pregnant and he freaked on me saying you better not be I'll be pissed. every time I am honest and straight forward he gets SO PISSED like cussing me out calling me bitch pissed. so I feel like I can go to him for things like this