Dating while pregnant

I feel so weird about dating while pregnant and I've avoided it my whole entire pregnancy. Especially since most men Ive encountered in the last 9 months just have a weird pregnancy fetish lol. My son's dad walked out on us when I was 9 weeks along and I'm now 39 weeks, due any day. So anyway, I met this guy before i was pregnant. We've just been friends and talked off and on. He's a parent as well to a little 2 year old boy. He asked me about 2 months ago if I wanted to go out and get dinner and I said ok, but we both ended up busy that night and he went on a business trip to Japan for a month right after that. He asked me to go to dinner tonight and I have no idea what to say! I mean, I want to go. But I'm 39 weeks pregnant, my ankles are swollen, nothing fits me anymore, and I just feel not so cute. He knows I'm about due so obviously this doesn't bother him but it does me. Part of me feels like now is a terrible time to start dating someone when I'm about to be busy with a newborn but at the same time I really do like him and want to see where it goes. I just don't know what to do and need some advice!!! What would you do?


Thanks for the encouragement everyone!!!!It went so well and I felt so incredibly comfortable with him. Hopefully the start of something ☺️