Should I let him go or should I stay??


So I've been seeing this guy for about 2 1/2 years now.. for the first 6months we rushed right into a relationship.. we waited about 2months before we had sex and omg it was amazing!! 😻 but after a while we started arguing a lot and things went sideways.. I will say I have a lot of insecurities and really bad trust issues so I caused a lot of the arguments.. anyway we have still been seeing each other since that.. we just keep coming back! I really do love him and I want a relationship but he says he doesn't know what he wants.. It's hard for me because my feeling are so strong and I tend to...well overreact and get emotional sometimes which also causes arguments.. I feel like he doesn't care but then I can't figure it out because his girl bestfriend is also my very good friend and she says he loves me he's just too scared.. I feel like I'm wasting my time or I'm just being used for sex.. 😪 I don't know what to do and was hoping I could get some advice from some of you that may have a better experience.. Should I stay and wait for him to be ready or should I move on?