I was originally due sept 1,2017

I was originally due sept 1,2017. However on August 17th I went to work & was extremely exhausted. I decided to go home and went to bed from 4:00pm until around 11:00 pm . I had a sudden rush to go to the bathroom and while getting out of bed I felt a gush of water came out. At first I was like Okay did I just pee myself. NOPE it was white. I ran to my husband "honey my water broke; you should smell it lol maybe is pee. I know how nasty but hey! Soo we rushed to the hospital
Made it there at 12:00 PM & My pannies were soaked! I got checked and I was already 3 cm. Mild cramps I decided by 4cm I would get IV pain medication. Which I did and lord did it help. Then around 6:00 am PITOCIN came into play. I knew the contractions REAL CONTRACTIONS were coming. I prepared myself mentally and emaotionally and most important physically. I went from 4cm to 8.5cm within an hour. The pain was real. I had noooo idea how diliated i was until I got checked. Then I did ask for epidural and it helped alot! I really couldnt bare the pain. Then by 12:00 PM august 17 I was fully diliated. I began to push!! With every piece of strength I had left. i am not going to lie it felt like forever!!! But my beuty is finally here !!!!!! kehlani channel parra born august 17.17 at 1:11pm 8lb 20 inches