Fishing for compliments


Hi guys I just wanted to say something real quick...

I love this app/community because you get to post personal things and ask questions and talk with a community of women who deal with similar things and offer advice.

It's the only "social media" I have that I love posting personal stuff and getting opinions of other women. It makes me even feel good to just post photos of me or my child and see photos of other girls and their cute babies.

The only thing that annoys me is that when someone posts a photo of themselves, other girls comment "fishing for comments" or just other rude remarks along those lines.

This site is a place to feel confident and even get positive affirmations from other women. We are suppose to be lifting each other up and there for each other. Who cares if someone felt hot and wanted to post a photo here and get some compliments.

Sometimes I don't feel comfortable posting stuff on Facebook or ig bc I have a ton mean followers or family members that want to judge and know me in real life.

Be positive. Post a hot selfie in the comments. Go fishin bc I'm throwing out compliments left and right