hate the hypocrisy and double standards!

I love glow but lately some posts/comments are really annoying me. there's a lot of posts saying 'my man cheated on me' and women comment leave him, once a cheated always a cheated, he'll do it again, you deserve better, know your worth, etc. there's there's posts 'I cheated on my man' and 90% of the comments are, you made a mistake, you were drunk, they took advantage of your feelings, he'll forgive you, he'd be a fool to leave you, etc. posts saying 'my man hit me' the comments leave him it'll happen again, next time he could kill you, get out now, run fast, pack you bags and leave, etc. a woman post 'I hit my man because he didn't take the trash out' 95% of the comments say he shouldn't p**s you off, he should do as he's told, you didn't hurt him he's bigger, he's a man he can take it, etc. how is this equal? women are constantly seen as a victim when they're in the wrong, men are always seen as an attacker when they're the victim! I'm sick of seeing the same women shaming men but defending women for the exact same thing. if one can get away with it why can't both?! I'll also add the advice given to women who are abused is great, I've been there and women on this app gave me the same advice which I used so I'm not complaining about that, I'm saying why are abusive women given excuses