Thinking about my ex....HELP!!!

It's been 3 months since I last contacted my ex. He was the one I had lost my v card too and even though I'm with a new guy ex comes to my mind sometimes. I have so much hatred towards him that I know I will never forgive him.

He treated me like trash, doing and saying things that were so hurtful.

He disappeared on me for nearly a month and when he decided that he wanted to come back, he messaged me and thought that I would take him back. But I didn't! I never messaged him back.

I prayed so much to God to give me the strength to forgive and forget what he had done. I have forgiven but everything else seems to repeat itself in my head. Every word and actions he ever did. When I look back to when we were still together, our relationship was based on sex and his own satisfaction. I never wanted sex but he needed it...

I really need words of encouragement and prayers. My heart hurts everynight because I prayed about this man (my ex) to God before even getting into a relationship with him. He still treated me badly and disrespected me.

The man I'm with now, is the most sweetest and kindest guy I have ever been with. I don't know why I constantly think of my ex. Why am I feeling this way?! I don't want anything to do with him but the memories keep coming back.

Some nights I would just cry!! How do I get rid of this feelings...please help me!!