Do I have a reason to be skeptical. . ? Boyfriend unfriended me from Facebook?

My boyfriend is 27 and I am 19. He has a bachelor's degree in law enforcement, but works with abused children with a mix of law enforcement and social work.

We are coming up on our 2 months, but I'm getting an icky feeling in my stomach about him...

He got in a car accident about 3 weeks ago, which I totally understand. He has not been responding since the incident though. He'll go more than a day without contacting me. He'll open my snap and not respond. And it's pissing me off tbh. I was supposed to come over (he's 1 hour away right now but I'm moving into an apartment suite for college tomorrow and he'll be 10 minutes away) last night, but he came home from work and totally didn't respond of when I could come over.

He won't answer my texts, answer my calls, or answer my snaps.

Do I have the right to be pissed off and think something is up?

I doubt he has a woman, but I just think he's blowing me off. He's super sweet, but I just can't do this anymore. I wait around all day for a response from him. I chalked it up as drowsiness from his painpills from the accident, or being busy finding a replacement car, or getting work settled after the accident, but you can respond more than once or twice a day.

What should I do? I'm starting nursing school tomorrow and really want this to work out, but at the same time I am just fed up with it.

Oh, and I just noticed he unfriended me from Facebook. Wtf...

Thanks in advance.