Who should I pick? Or should I continue leaving it the way it is?

I met this guy during my sophomore year, he was a senior.

(We're gonna call him "guy #1")

We were friends w benefits & I wanted something more but he didn't want to start anything because he was moving back to Georgia when he graduated. So we decided to keep it that way until he moved away. When he moved to Georgia we stayed in contact here n there.

While guy #1 is in Georgia, I couldn't allow myself to move on because I knew he'd be back in a year.

Until Well one day I met this really amazing guy & I liked him a lot but I wasn't able to fully commit my heart to the relationship or to him because of guy #1. we're in a relationship now, we've been together for 3 months (guy#2) Our relationship started off so good! About a month in he started paying attention to his games more and stopped having sex with me completely!!

I've tried everything possibly to have sex with him!!!! & he still tells me "No, I'm not in the mood" or "please leave me alone, I'm really tired"(while playing his computer games) when im at his place I'm constantly cleaning and he plays his games from the time he wakes up until midnight before he goes to bed. He doesn't like to go out anywhere in public.

I feel like his maid more than his girlfriend.Btw I don't know if this is weird or not but my boyfriend doesn't like to eat pussy. Does anyone else have that problem?

Anyways, right around the time my boyfriend stopped having sex with me GUY #1 COMES BACK IN TOWN. I found out because of a Snapchat that a Mutual friend of ours posted.

He hits me up & says "hey sorry I haven't text you in awhile, it's cuz I had a girl." I didn't get this text until 2 weeks later because I had him blocked for a long time because of that girl he was with. Anyways that's a whole other story but, I recently started hanging out with him. We hung out the first couple times as friends and then recently we became more than that. I asked him to have sex with me & he said

"I don't want to ruin anything for you and I don't want to make any mistakes. I'm not saying I don't wanna have sex with you but I want to make sure that YOU know what you're getting yourself into" I continued to say yes after he asked me the same question 3 times before we did anything. I had sex with him & I feel guilty about it because I'm still in a relationship but then I don't feel guilty.

I'm being bluntly honest when I say, if my boyfriend wouldn't have stopped paying attention to me or have pushed me so far away from him, I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHEATED ON HIM.

I have feelings for both guys.

Guy#1 gives me thrills, lots of laughs and we have the most amazing sex ever! We're able to talk as best friends & when we have sex it feels like the first time every time we do it but it gets better every time. It feels as though every touch of his gets encrypted into my skin & it's memorable. I want to continue being his friend & basically if it turns into more then it does. I don't want to try and rush into anything serious with him. I'm cool with keeping him as a Fwb.

Guy#2makes me feel safe and comfortable and we can act like friends but we don't have sex…

He's very caring and loving when he's not paying attention to his games & I like that about him.

I have feelings for both guys but I feel that sex is an important part of a relationship because that's how I get close to someone.

What I'm asking for is for some advice & what should I do or who should I pick. You can ask me any questions that you might have about this if it's not fully understandable.