DH has varicocele


I just wanted to share some positive news. I have a low AMH level, and so we will be seeing a fertility specialist soon. One of the first steps of that whole process is having a semen analysis done. My husband has a varicocele (a varicose vein in his scrotum) that he has had pretty much his entire adult life (we are both 38). During a physical some years back, his doctor told him that it's no problem to let it go if it's not causing him any pain but that it could make it difficult for him to conceive in the future. If you read anything about varicoceles, it all says that they lower sperm count, possibly to the point of zero. Sometimes medication/vitamins help, sometimes surgery is necessary to remove it, and sometimes nothing helps. Needless to say, I was worried sick about it. For him to have a low sperm count on top of my low egg count, I just didn't even want to think what that would entail...trips to the urologist, surgery, medication, etc. And that would be just to get him in check. We would still have to handle my low egg count. Well, I am happy to report that his semen analysis was yesterday, and not only did it come back normal, some of his numbers were super high! Number of sperm and motility were outstanding! I am sooo relieved! Just wanted to share this positive news in case anyone else is concerned about the same thing.