Breaks my heart when people ask about being pregnant


My husband and I have been TTC for 6 months. I chalked it up to that's normal... sometimes can take up to a year. My OB even confirmed that and nothing came back on my yearly Pap Smear and checkup. For awhile now, I've been wanting my husband to get a Sperm Analysis just to know how things are. Well he finally went about 2 weeks ago. Then this past week, we found out that my husband has low motility and abnormal sperm, so I was feeling really down about it. We hadn't told anyone yet and don't plan on it until we get a second opinion.

My husbands grandmother spends have her time in DR with her daughter and half here and she's leaving on Monday so we all went out to dinner (his parents, two sisters and their families). The first thing his mom said to me was "I thought you were going to tell us all that you're pregnant" and just keep looking to me like she was waiting for me to confirm. Instantly, my heart just dropped and I tried to muster a smile and said "Oh no, not yet." Then of course all throughout dinner, it consumed my thoughts and I felt like running to the bathroom to just cry.

I just feel like my world is crashing in on me and every thought I had about my future has been taken away from me. And I know people are just excited for me and know how much I want to have children, but it just hurts so badly right now. How have you all dealt with this?