This is gonna drive me crazy!! Gender? 12 weeks?


To make this a little more clear, I'm now 13 weeks and 3 days. We had an US exactly a week ago (12 weeks & 3 days). We have 2 little girls and I've spent the majority of my pregnancy trying to convince my husband that I just "have a feeling" it's a girl. To shoot it straight, it's exactly opposite! I've spent all of this time trying to convince him so he won't be as bummed out if in fact we are having a little girl! Now, I really think it's a boy and have since week 6! That being said, during our US, our tech was talking to us. I didn't really know you could even take a guess at the gender until 16+ weeks or something, but he silently was scanning through things. I didn't expect to see anything because I wasn't even really following what he was doing, nor did I feel the need to notify him we wanted the gender to be a secret so.. he was scanning along & then I noticed the legs which he was spending quite a bit of time around (atleast 5 minutes) and then I asked him "are you trying to see the gender".. he replied "yes".. my stomach fluttered a little because then I mentioned I didn't even know that could be done.. he said he was gonna take a shot at it and then asked us after a minute or two if we wanted a little boy which I didn't know what to think about and then we told him whichever.. and I could have swore I seen a little winky!!! I'm nervous now because I've spent a significant amount of time trying to convince my husband it's a girl, continue to do so but I'm really thinking it's a boy.. especially after that!! So I guess what I want to know is, did any of you get an accurate gender prediction at 12 weeks and 3 days? Should I take what he was saying as a hint and could I have in fact seen a winky?