Finally had my baby boy (story)


So on the 24/8/17 went to my local hospital for my scheduled c-section with family. We got to the hospital and I got givin my room we had to wait till bout 8am till the doctors came. During this time there was a cleaning lady and she was so so rude to the father of my kids and sister In law it was so upsetting like how dare she be this rude and disrespectful. Then round 8:30 the people came to get me and the father to take us to the operation room. In there I was so nervous bout the needles it hurt so bad when they were putting the local anaesthetic they had to put lots as I could still feel pain then they tried to do the spinal block which took a while as they couldnt get it in the right spot but they finally did. Then they lay me on the table and made me feel very comfortable as much as they could and told me everything that was happening the spinal block gave my lower half such a weird feeling I could feel touch but not pain and then near the end the pressure of someone literally pushing down my stomach where my sternum is felt like it was going to break but then I herd my baby cry and they showed him to me then took him ova to the little table to clean him up then put him on my chest and while this was happening they stitched me up. Once that was finished they took us to the recovery room for half hour everything was all good so took us back to our room. The spinal block has also made me feel very very itchy it's slowly wearing off and I'm feeling a lot of pain the nurses are going to get me something for the pain. But overall everything was great today and now my baby boy is here I'm so happy.

Baby Jason Noel Mcgrady

Born 9:19

Date: 24/8/17

Weight 2.8kg

Length 48cm