venting **update**

I'm just seriously pissed as hell. my husband was texting me and he started his shift at 9 so at 921 he texts me that he's "very busy" so I txt him back to call me when he's done. he said ok. like an hour later he texts me and says that he's still really busy and I should go to sleep. so I said I just wanted to say goodnight. Well eventually I fell asleep and I was awakened with nausea and ran to the bathroom and threw up, (I'm 2mo pregnant). I called him after and he didn't pick up, so I txt him that I had thrown up and was feeling like crap. he never responded or called back. this was over an hour ago. the part I'm pissed about is that my phone tells me when a txt i send is read. so he's reading the damn messages but he's so busy to respond anything or call back. this fucker!!! now I got a lot of things going through my mind and I'm trying not to act crazy and blow up his phone and say something stupid I'm gonna regret. fuck!! also he has an emotional affair In the past and even though we got through it, I've never been able to fully trust him. I constantly have these fears take over me and I get so angry because it's not fair to either of us for me to be feeling like this deep down. I doubt him all the time. right now I'm doubting he's even at work. I really don't know what to do. I'm in counseling but idk if that's enough. I'm so crazy! -to him. I hope the whore ur with tonight is worth loosing ur family. I wonder if she would be with you right now if she knew u had a baby at home and a pregnant wife! FUCK YOU!! **update** @ Taylor I thought this was a place to vent and rant about whatever, not to be judged and mocked. and no, I'm not over reacting, there's a LOT more details to this whole thing.. you wouldn't know if you're going "get over" an affair until you try to get over it, which means by then time would've passed. It isn't s one day process. so anyways he gets home this morning and all he says is "idk why all those calls" i almost blacked out. The lord mustve been there to really give me Grace because I calmly said I was really sick, so he says yo u gotta eat. I gotta fucking eat, no!! how about I'm carrying your child and that's why I'm sick. pick the damn phone and at least hear about it since there isn't anything else you can do. so am I over reacting, to some maybe. to others no. this isn't about that. Because I didn't ask you. this is about me having a damn place to say whatever the he'll it is I wanna say about a subject freely. so let the damn venting rant be what it is.. just a rant *****UPDATE***** LIKE I SAID THIS IS JUST A RANT. I DIDN'T SAY ANY OF THIS TO HIM NOR WILL I. I WAS FRUSTRATED AND NEEDED TO VENT AND DID IT HERE SO SOMEONE CAN HEAR WHAT I'M SAYING INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY SAYING IT TO HIM. IT'S VERY THERAPEUTIC FOR ME TO WRITE THINGS DOWN THE WAY IM FEELING THEN AND IT HELPS BECAUSE I CAN GET IT ALL OUT AND THEN THINK ABOUT IT RATIONALLY. SO STOP JUDGING ME. ******UPDATE*****I Actually found out he was cheating for 6months. just for those who were saying I was overreacting! with some whore in NY. I was at home with our baby girl and pregnant and he ignored me while I was throwing up because he was cheating over and over. SOO overreacting my ASS!!!! trust your gut