Insecure about oral.

So awhile back my boyfriend of 3 years ate me out (more like licked me awkwardly for 5 seconds) and after the 5 seconds stopped and continued kissing me or whatever. Well a few months later I brought it up asking why he never actually eats me out and eventually had him tell me that he didn't really like the taste/smell and that he didn't really want to do it. Well this made me super insecure to the point where I made an appointment with my gynecologist to get everything checked out (she said I was all fine). I've always made it a point to be clean down there and would never let my boyfriend go near that area if I didn't think I was clean enough. So fast forward to now... my boyfriend was talking about trying 69 and It makes me really nervous because I'm afraid of being rejected again by him after he said he didn't enjoy giving oral. I told him I'm alot more insecure about it and just completely lost all confidence the last time. I don't know what to tell him or do. I want to try it again but im just afraid.