Help! I haven't experienced this in so long

I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 4 years ago and it had been a rollercoaster ever since. My DH and I have been trying for 3yrs but I have not ovulated on my own for over a year so it's been nearly impossible. So after taking a break from trying and going completely Vegan.... I decided to start back using clearblue ovulation Kits to see if I could possibly be ovulating on my own. To our Great Surprise on Monday I got a Peak result for ovulation!! We were so excited and BD for the next 2-3 days.

Ok so what I need help with is how long do women normally ovulate for? I have no idea what to expect but it is now Thursday and I am still getting a High result on the ovulation kits. I read that your high or peak is only for 24-48 hours so I'm confused and a little concerned now. Is this normal to have a high result for several days on clearblue kits?

Of ourse I started researching a googling a bunch and now I'm seeing stuff about how on ovulation test can pick up pregnancy hormones as soon as you conceive even before implantation. I'm sure it's a slim chance and I'm reaching but I woke up yesterday with nausea and a headache and today with same feelings. So now I'm wondering if it's from my hormones being imbalances bc of possible conception and maybe that's why I'm still getting high results on ovu test. PLEASE SOMEONE BRING ME BACK TO REALITY AND TELL ME WHAT COULD REALLY POSSIBLY BE HAPPENING OR IF ITS JUST NORMAL?!