Speculate with me please!

So my significant other and I had been together for two years. My son from another relationship considered him dad, he was really the only dad he knew and everything seemed fine. Throughout our relationship we did have issues because he was distant and career focused which while I think career is important it shouldn't put a monopoly on our lives and happiness.

Anyway in feb I got the opportunity to take a new job across country in a beautiful beach town, so after a lot of discussion with him I did decide to take the job and he promised that wherever we went he would follow.. and that he would start looking for a job in the new area and make it happen.

Fast forward to a few months after the move. Find out we are pregnant. His first reaction was that he doesn't see how it can work, he doesn't want to move, and we should abort. Of course this throws me but ultimately I made the decision not to abort. I've revisited the conversation with him several times and all he can tell me now is that he doesn't see us together in ten years and I would have left him anyway (wtf? Never have we had any loyalty or trust problems of the sort). He's been back and forth and says he will provide support for the baby if I want to keep but that then he would want to be involved and coparent. I have even offered to move back home and give up this job so we can all be together and his weird story about leaving him in ten years is still what I hear.

Ultimately I just decided to go on my life without him and I changed my number. It has been too much turmoil and stress while pregnant. I'm fine but I'm left wondering wtf happened? Anyone seen this before? Any guesses? I just want speculation because I can't make heads or tails of it.