Wish Me Luck! UPDATE


My husband and I have been married for 3 years, and he's never gone down on me. He really doesn't like messy things, so sex in general does not get crazy for us. That being said, today is my birthday, and I specifically asked him if we could try oral sex (him on me, of course- I go down on him all the time), and even sent him a link to a how-to article! I shaved it all to make it as neat as possible for him (not easy, as I'm super pregnant), and I plan to take a shower right before we get busy. Fingers crossed he follows through!! I'm so excited!!

Update: Okay, so he followed through! Yay! It was no more than a couple tentative licks I could barely feel before he quit, but still. It was a baby step. I can handle baby steps. It felt good, for what it was. So now I just have to hope he's willing to keep trying :)