Rainbow baby nr 2

Emma • 30-year old nurse from Sweden with PCO-S. Have a son born in march 2015, pregnant with our second child. ❤😊

First, i'm from Sweden so English isn't my first language, also we don't se a doctor normally during our pregnancy, only when something is wrong, otherwise we see a midwife. We normally just have one ultrasound in about 18-19 weeks, in some parts of the country, or depending on the age of the mother to be we do one in 11-13 weeks combined with a blood test to see if there is any risk for chromosome defects (like Down's syndrome). And also I think we count the pregnancy weeks a bit different from you, for example 6 weeks and 3 days is week 7 here.

But anyway, we found out a few weeks ago that we're pregnant again. We have a 2,5 year old son born in March 6 2015, he is a rainbow baby after our first miscarriage in week 6, IVF pregnancy. I have PCOS and it took us 3 years of hormone treatments and IVF until I finally got pregnant the natural way.

Last year in April we started trying again, got pregnant the natural way again after just two months, but unfortunately we miscarried in July in week 10, missed abortion, the fetus stopped developing in 5+6. Then my PCOS acted up and I didn't ovulate until January this year.

Got pregnant again (naturally) in March, was due on Christmas Eve this year, but when we went to the midwife for our first ultrasound in June (week 12) we discovered it to be a molar pregnancy. Had surgery the next day to remove it, but the doctor who performed the surgery didn't think it looked molar, so I didn't need to go test my HCG blood levels. But I took a HCG urine test once a week just to make sure the levels were going down. The last one I took was VVF (one month after surgery) and then I didn't have any more tests at home. Took a new one when I got back to work 1,5 week later (I work as a nurse at a gynecology clinic), and it was clearly positive. Didn't know if it was a new pregnancy or if it actually was a molar pregnancy and they didn't get everything out (the test results hadn't come yet). Took HCG blood levels at work that indicated a new pregnancy, so I called the clinic that did the surgery to ask about the test results, but they still didn't know, needed to run some more tests. 2 weeks ago I went to the doctor who did an ultrasound, he saw a tiny little embryo about 6 weeks that was too small to se if the heart was beating yet, everything looked normal. Then finally we got the test results and of course it was a partial mole that we had, but they seem to have gotten everything out. Went back today for a new ultrasound and there was a 8+3 weeks old little fetus with a beating heart 😍

So now I don't have to see the doctor anymore, going to my first midwife appointment in 2 weeks, will also do an ultrasound at the midwife in a few weeks.

So even though you're not supposed to get pregnant for at least six months after a molar pregnancy and I'm a little ashamed that we forgot protection (especially since I'm a gynecology nurse 🙈😂) we are sooooo happy and excited about this baby that hopefully will come in the beginning of April (due April 2)

Oh, and sorry about my loooooong post 😂