Advice about dry hair..?

Katelyn • Katelyn✨|July 21🎉|Houston Tx☀|January 28,2017💑|

okay so my hair is fairly long. im sure if you seen my profile picture its thick also. I use OGX shampoo and some other type of conditioner for my hair that I got at sally's beauty supply. Lately my hair has been VERY dry. Im constantly scratching at it and my boyfriend noticed I had dandruff when I was braiding it down. This morning I washed it and conditioned it like normal but in the middle of that process I put coconut oil in it from ends to edges and raised it then put the conditioner in it and rinsed that as well. I dont know how this will turn my hair out. probably a little oily.. but if anyone has any ideas or tips can you please share those with me? 😭