Ectopic pregnancy test?


What kind of test can they perform to know if it's an ectopic pregnancy or not?

A blood test? Urine test?

I have my first doctors appointment tomorrow morning. I'm only 6 weeks along. Maybe 5 weeks. With my second child. I know you don't need to go see a doctor until you're further along but I want to make sure that it's not ectopic. I have no symptoms to think it would be, I'm just worried. When I was scheduling the appointment, I told her that was the reason that I wanted to come in but she replied with "you'll have to talk to the nurse about that, I only schedule appointments". And made it seem like I was just coming in to "confirm pregnancy". I already know I'm pregnant, I don't need a nurse to tell me that, I need to make sure that the baby is in my uterus.

I know they can do a u/s scan to see if the baby is in there but I'm assuming they probably don't do that on your first appointment unless you are much further along.

Any suggestions? Or experiences with this?

Thanks ladies!