5 months- rant

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5 months of exclusively pump and I have a great established supply. I have about 304oz stored in the freezer but because we live in an apartment, our freezer can barley fit our food with all the breastmilk. And I haven't stored anymore milk since about mid July because we just don't have room. All the extra milk I've pumped has gone into the fridge to be used later that day or the next day. But I'm just exhausted of pumping. I am so close to just throwing in the towel; letting my self dry up and then using whats in the freezer until it's gone then changing to formula. My first daughter stopped nursing at 6months due to me going back to work and not establishing my pump supply I dried up without noticing. I'm at a cross road. I want to stop pumping but I want to keep giving my baby breastmilk. Ugh. It's hard working pumping. Being hooked up to a machine every 3-4 hours, sitting for 20mins every time and feeling useless to my toddler and infant when they need things while I just sit and pump.