Nipple pain tips

Pen • 🌈mama, homebirther, August 2017 mom, 👨‍👩‍👧

I had my baby on Saturday and her latch is (usually) pretty good and she's getting plenty of milk, but holy crap does it hurt when she's getting on!

My nipples are so sore and chapped. I know it's normal to have the soreness and chapping while your boobs get used to being sucked on constantly, and I don't have significant pain when she is actually feeding (just during the initial latch) so I'm not worried about how breastfeeding is going in general, but does anyone have any suggestions for easing the pain?

Any position recommendations? We have been switching between cradle and football holds which does seem to help ease a little bit of the pain since she's not constantly sucking one spot.

I also bought some Nipple Butter by Earth Mama Angel Baby that seems to be helping slightly, but any other suggestions to help me be comfier while breastfeeding are so welcome!