How do I bring it up.

So I am the "slut" that met a guy started dating him and slept with him and accidentally got knocked up by him a month after we met.... throughout the pregnancy I went from a size 4 to 18. Since I gave birth I've lost 30 pounds! Well our sex life suffered a lot. Going from once every other day to now if I'm lucky once a month! I understood during the pregnancy. But now I'm offended. It use to cause a ton of fights and finally he told me he feels weird asking to "bang me" when I've had his child. So I understood and I started starting things. Well the last time we had sex was July 3. It's almost been two months and I have tried and tried to start things. Well I finally flat out asked him about it and he said We will do it on his days off. Well yesterday he was off and so I expected it to happen last night. Well I got ready for bed and I asked him if he was coming to bed and he said no. He wanted to watch tv. Well it then became extremely obvious to me that I'm a damn idiot and it's not that I've had his child. The reason he doesn't want sex is because of me. I don't know if he is just staying with me out of pity or obligation or if he loves me but just doesn't think I am attractive. All I know is he definitely doesn't want me.... yes I am larger than what I was before I had our baby but I always assumed if a man loves you it doesn't matter what you look like he would want to have sex with you because he loves you.... now when I say I'm big I don't mean I'm huge I'm just not a size 4.... I don't have a thigh gap anymore, I have stretch marks, love handles, and yes I could loose a little bit more weight. But so could he!!!! He's gained a lot of weight since we met also. But last night he finally comes to bed and I don't want him touching me at all. I'm hurt and I had been crying and honestly I'm also mad at him just as much as I'm mad at myself. He keeps trying to hold my hand and cuddle and be nice and all but I keep pushing him away. I blame it on I'm hot or trying to go to sleep. I mean I just don't understand how he says he loves me and wants to cuddle and wants a peck on the lips but he doesn't want to have sex!!!!

I guess what I'm getting at here is how do I bring it up to him of why I'm mad and my thoughts.