Was anyone else's miscarriage bleeding like this? Or is this normal??

pregnant with my rainbow baby🌈💕Due December 23rd

I found out the other week at 5 weeks that I am miscarrying. Last Wednesday I had brown blood only when wiping. Then Thursday there was red blood but only when wiping and wouldn't go anywhere else. And there has been absolutely nothing since last Thursday until lastnight. I went to to the bathroom and wiped and there was a light amount of red blood and a small blood clot about the size of a nickle. I wiped again and there was nothing and still hasn't been anything ever since that one time lastnight. I had my levels checked Monday and my hcg was 438 and progesterone was 9.9. I go tomorrow morning again to check my levels to see how much lower they are. Wtf is going on with this whole bleeding thing?