Really ..

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A few of you may have seen my post yesterday about my husband calling me lazy and asking alot of me.. well today is a new rant.

He just sent me this message. But let me tell you why it bothers me so much. We just moved to a new state, hours and hours away from every friend and family member I have. I have nobody here. He, however has his cousin and brother. So I thought, okay, I can become close to them and I won't be lonely. But we're literally one week into our new home, I've been home alone every single day with the baby from 7am-8pm for him to just come home and get ready for bed. Well now, he sends me this message, saying HE is going to eat at his cousins. Not WE. He didn't even think to invite me. Now I'll be having dinner alone again and waiting for him to come get into bed and not spend any time with me.

Below that I said "thanks for inviting me.." and he said "sorry, he just invited me and Adolfo (his brother)".

Am I overreacting?? Am I really just supposed to spend every single day alone and be okay with his family having dinners inviting him and not me??


Forgot to add that he has already been here for 2 months while I was in my hometown taking care of the baby by myself. It's MY first week here and all he wants to do it stay out with his family and go to the gym while I'm at home.