14 days late 😬

Okay guys my period is so weird. It's almost always on a 32 day cycle one month then 11 days late the next month. So weird. Any way I used to take a pregnancy test on day 10 (before I realized it was a pattern) and always got so disappointed when it was negative and then started a few hours later that same day or the following day. Today I'm 14 days late. I don't remember it ever being this late except for the last time I was pregnant. Last May we found out we were expecting baby number two but lost our little baby at 11 weeks. I've had cramps for like a week now but I just can't make myself take a test! I really don't want to be disappointed again but at the same time I want to know. I figured the cramps meant my period was coming but everyday goes by and it doesn't come. I don't know if I'm looking for advice or just support or to know someone else has been here! I'm a type one diabetic and it is also very hard for me to get pregnant. But I have been taking good care of my diabetes the last four or five months and also we tried using preseed last month.