33 weeks and 4 days and I feel like I'm going to blow!


Love my pregnancy body but honestly cannot wait to meet our son!! Whenever I got my period before I was pregnant I used to have the nastiest cramps of life. I am so 50/50 about the good and bad of this pregnancy. No morning sickness, no bleeding or spotting, no problems, perfect health, always measuring perfectly with my weeks, no proteins or sugars, not diabetic, blood and iron levels have always been fine. Now at 8 months I'm finally getting stretch marks, my back is killing me and my hips feel like they are going to crack apart. As far as I've read and heard about these are all normal occurrences but honestly, speed up time so I can hold out beautiful little boy sooner! But at the same time, slow down time so I can enjoy the little kicks and rolls and hiccups inside my belly a little bit longer💙🤰🏻