Do I move on or not?

My guy friend has a girlfriend that he wants to break up with but he can't because he's broke and she pays for everything for him. We have known each other for almost 2 years and he wants to have sex but I want him to leave his girlfriend for good before I will consider dating him. He was my first kiss and I really like him but it seems like he just wants me to have sex with. We hung out a few months ago and he was really sweet and we kissed and I thought I was going to have to stop him but after we were done kissing he looked at me stroking my hair and told me that he needed to get his life together before we go any farther because he didn't want to drag me into his messy life. I thought it was sweet but still to this day he has not broken up with his girlfriend and hasn't been texting me like he used to. Do I just forget about him and move on or keep talking to him. I feel like if we continue we would be really happy together but if we don't we will both fall apart