Tmi about diarrhea before labor

Cassandra • 2 year old boy; 2 month old boy💙

Any 2nd times moms here or more or if you recently already had your baby,I'm pregnant with DS #2 and I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow...yesterday I went to the bathroom still had semi solid poops but enough that I noticed it was soft I'm usually constipated on and off,and then an hour later got super nauseous and some stomach cramping and ran to the bathroom with full blown water diarrhea,and all night I was having contractions, back cramps it kept waking me up through the night it finally stopped early this morning,I've been okay all day except the odd dull back cramps and now here I am in the bathroom again with diarrhea just the one time today, ivealready contacted my doctor and he said if it continues to go to the hospital,just curious if anyone had this before labor,I dont recall it with my first