Baby will not nurse

I've been exclusive pumping for 6 months and the last time baby directly nursed was on mother's day. I have tried and tried to get her to nurse we usually use a shield since it seems like she doesn't like the texture of my nipple. I tried the sns system today with a shield and she cried and cried then I cried and cried then we both calmed down and tried again and she nursed for like 2 minutes then after that by chewing on the shield. I heard her gulping, why won't she nurse? She must know she needs to suck right? She's nursed with a shield up to 3.5 months. Is she seriously just super into her bottle? She didn't transfer when I took her to the lactation consultant even though she nursed for a solid 40 min when she was 2.5 months old so I get why she likes bottles, but with the sns system I had milk pouring into her mouth and she still didn't want it even though I knew she was hungry (it's been like 5 hours since her last feed). I feel like I've been too nice and should have made us both try harder to nurse. Feel free to verbally bash me I feel like such a terrible mom for wanting her to nurse selfishly when we are both used to this pumping routine now....I just have held out hope that when she got older she would want to nurse again because maybe her swallowing would get better and she could finally transfer.