Faint BFP on two FRER, negative blood work


I tested yesterday morning with a first signal and it came back negative, but I checked it again an hour later and there was a faint line. I know this would be considered an evap because its past the time, but it prompted me to go get a FRER. I took the first response with SMU and it came back very faint positive. I have a history of miscarriage, PCOS, tubal reversal, and PUL. So I called my doctor immediately and went in for blood work. I took another FRER first thing this morning and its still faint, but clearly there. The doctor called this afternoon and said the blood work came back less than 5, so negative. I am absolutely heart broken. I go back tomorrow to check the blood work again. I'm around 12 dpo and my period is due tomorrow or Saturday. Has anyone had this happen and turn out to be pregnant?