Charting for the first time! Early ovulation?????

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My husband and I are trying to conceive a little one! I stopped my birth control in June 2017 after 11 years. We tried in July and I swore I was pregnant but AF finally showed up August 19th to till the 23rd with a vengeance. Plus I kept having negative home and blood pregancy tests. I decided I wanted to try and chart my ovulation. I'm on day 7 CD and noticed my test was darker then I thought!! I know it's still negative but could it be possible I might ovulate early??? I have a couple of ovulation trackers on my phone and they all say I won't ovulate until later in september! I just didn't want to miss my window! I also just started taking premama fertility today , along with my prenatal vitamins that I have been taking for 2 months.