Milk Allergy?



my son was born 6/27 and is formula fed. He has been on Enfamil Gentlease and doing great. As of Friday he started to become fussy and noticed excess drooling as if he was teething. He also started with explosive diarrhea. His bowel movements normally would be he would poop 1-2 week then get constipated but Dr said this was normal. He has been really fussy and every time he eats within a few minutes he loads the diaper with yellow mucousy diarrhea.

I took him to the on call Dr on Tue and she said it could be possible it's a milk allergy. The reason she is thinking this is the mucus, the ezxema showing up on his body, and not gaining much weight. He was born 9lbs 6oz and is now 10lbs 5 oz. I have a call into my normal Dr to see what he thinks what he thinks. My son is also congested which could cause the mucousy diapers. I gave him Pedialyte yesterday and today and now noticed little black specks as if was pepper in his bowel. Not sure if it's from that?

Originally I had thought my daughter brought a virus home from kindergarten as she is always touching his face.

Is anyone going through anything like this or has been diagnosed with a milk allergy that can give me more insight on it?