Not-quite-my-ex reaches out

Ok so I'm going to try and keep this short but I need advice.

Last winter I started seeing/sleeping with this guy. When we first began, he'd just gotten out of a relationship so he said he didn't want to get into another one (in hindsight I should've listened and not gotten involved, I know). Fast forward six months, and I realize that I've caught feelings, but now we're talking less and less. I bring up the fact that we're barely talking but he says he's just busy with work so I back off completely because that excuse sounded like just that, an excuse. Eventually we stop talking and now a few months later he randomly reaches out because he heard through mutual friends that I'm moving to his city.

I understand we weren't dating but I still caught feelings and I don't know that they're gone. Should I try to rebuild a friendship if that's what he wants (we'd been friends for about 9 months before anything happened between us) or just ignore it/him and start over in a new city without him being a part of my life?