For all you ladies saying "WAYYYY TO EARLY"...


I've been casually browsing different TTC topics and have kept an open mind with the understanding that everyone is different, every pregnancy is different and so on.

For those of you who seem very in-the-know and consider yourselves "experts" since you have either been pregnant before (congrats!) or are currently trying (cheers and good wishes to you btw ☺️), I encourage you to be mindful that there are hundreds of users who are simply excited and ready just as you once were, therefore might consider their very early symptoms a possible bfp.

For example, I've seen several posts asking if cramps and frequent urination are a sign of implantation. Very quickly these women get turned down by others who automatically assume it's a bfn with exaggerated phrases like "wayyyyyy to early" and "toooo soon!"

Instead of using phrases like "wayyy too early", it's very much possible she might actually be pregnant so please don't completely shut down her right off the bat. The truth is, you don't know and neither does she if she is pregnant or not. Let her enjoy the tww of excitement and wonder and if you have any words of encouragement, by all means!

Just a friendly neighbor here trying to understand the difference between a post that brings positive baby dust vibes vs one that treats us newbies like we are college freshmen.

Cheers! 🤗