Meeting His Parents


I need your help ladies! So I'm an American white girl raised in a very uncultured little town so I never learned much about other cultures. My boyfriend and I have been together about three months, he moved here from India about 5 years ago. Needless to say, I don't know anything about the Indian culture. We were having a conversation one day about meeting each other's parents. He's all for meeting mine but doesn't want me to meet his until we further in our relationship. And by further he means engaged and about to get married. My friends all think this is strange and I'm starting to feel the same way. Those of you who know more about the Indian culture, is this normal? Is there like a certain standard that Indian parents want their sons to meet? Also any other advise about dating someone of a completely different ethnicity and culture is greatly appreciated 😊

Edit: we are both pretty young, I'm 19 and he's just turned 20. He's had two past relationships, the longest one being a year, and neither of them had met his parents. Also, no he doesn't have an arranged marriage we've been through that. Apparently his parents are fine with him dating anyone.