Just need to Rant! So tired 😭😭

Jacenia β€’

Just need to Rant! Partner doesn't get it and isn't helpful. This is my second, my first was easy. This time, I'm extremely tried even taking iron. I've been having rolling back pain for a few days. Losing large amounts of my mucus plug every week. Intense Braxton hicks for weeks. Cramping. Diarrhea, even before having to start iron supplements. Worse now. I even had a little spotting last week. I can't sleep because I'm woken up to pee, or pain. Baby is low in my pelvis where it feels like my pubic bone is bruised and it's very awful to walk. I'm only 35 weeks and 3 days but this pregnancy has been awful. I had a mental breakdown last week while unable to get comfortable on the couch and cried that I didn't want to be pregnant anymore. I go for cervical ultrasounds every two weeks because my midwives have been concerned about preterm labour but my cervix is thick and closed. I know baby needs his time, but this momma is so done with being pregnant. I can't wait for September.