Dealing with rude comments?! 😥 sorry kinda long


BG: So me and my husband want a big family, i come from a big one and he came from a small one. I'm currently 5mo pregnant with our 3rd and have two little ones under 2. Anyways we moved closer to his family and it's been nothing but a head ache... They invited us to a pool party so we went. They were really friendly at first until they got to know us and our "lifestyle"... We start talking and they tell me how much they love our little girls and how they're so good and cute blah blah. His aunt then asks us "are you guys going to try for a boy?" with a big ol smile on her face, my husband then says "yeah she's pregnant right now"... then she's like "oooh... what have you guys not figured out how they're made yet" the party got quiet for a secondcuz we gave her the vibe that we didnt like what she said.. Then she proceeded to keep mocking us by saying "are you guys just bored and have nothing to do or do you really not know?" trying to make it a joke. I rolled my eyes and got out of the pool with my daughter and went inside.. I get were young and all (got married when I graduated high school) so I had my first pretty young, but I think we're doing a good job at raising our kids considering people always complement me at how well behaved my kids are, they're never hungry, dirty, ect.. They're very caring good kids and they listen never really have to yell at them because they know better,, I'm not saying they're perfect but they deffinetly don't stress me out haha Well now were all eating then shes like I've always hated women that bounce back after pregnancy to her mom, she's one of those girls and she looked over at me with a irritated look and I was like umm okay.. her mom was nice though (arrived later), she asked us if we were going on birth control after this baby and i said no and she was like ooh okay. Anyways my husband told her were gonna have as many as the Lord blesses us with, thanks for having us over food was good but were gonna go now. It kinda crushed me that people react this way when I tell them we want lots of kids. Anyways has anyone encountered people that just make you feel awful for bringing kids into the world like it's taboo or something?? sorry for long vent just sick of them..