Bye bye Cramps


Attention 📣📢

Ladies, I just had to take the time out to share this with you all. Long story short I was ordering groceries online on Amazon. I was searching for my Earl Gray tea, when this box of miracle showed up. Yogi Moon Tea! I looked at it, never paid it any attention.

Whelp a week ago I started to cramp, I couldn't think about nothing but that Tea! I ordered off Amazon and I noticed it the first cup, my bloating, fatigue, CRAMPS are now gone. I have not cramped since then. Period due this week, and I am still cramp PMS FREE🙋🏾.

I will warn you this tea is very hard to find.. I end up ordering it from the Vitamin Shoppe which is much cheaper, free delivery with Auto-ship. Yes Auto ship, I have this tea coming to me every 14 days.. I hope you all enjoy it💁🏾 ☕️