My kid is THAT kid


My kid is THAT kid. You know, the one disrupting everyone and even kids are annoyed by his energy. I thought my views on my disruptive child were just the general parent embarrassed by their kids public behavior. Tonight we went to a pj reading at the library ( we've gone in the past but not while he has been able to walk). Holy shit my kid was like a tornado raging through the room. There were some songs that my child's participation was a strong A+ and at one point he pulled on another kid that was just sitting there. But then while reading the book my child jumped onto another little boy about one year old and started tickling him, he kept running up to the librarian, pulled stuff off the white board, moved the garbages, and it escalated with him spinning in circles while yelling "yay yay yay". We left the room 3 times because he was being so disruptive. How do I get my kid to sit down like the other kids?!!??