Tampons, pads or?

I am an only child with a Mom who didn't have the "birds and the bees" convo or the "changes" one either. I learned a lot from my friends who either got their period before me or had older siblings or cousins who told them things. I remember being a teen attempting to use a tampon for the first time and going through about 3-4 before I figured it out. I had about 5 years without a period due to being on Lo-Loestrin and only getting side effects just no bleeding. I've for the most part always used pads. Why? A) I'm paranoid and the handful of times I used tampons I had issues-annoyance, wrong size for flow, etc. B) I've had numerous Gynecologists tell me everything flows better when you just let it do its job and not "plug" it up. Does anyone else feel the same? Any input? I appreciate insight and no judgement please. This is the first post I've done on this app and hope it's a positive outcome. Thank you!